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01. Venture Capital

We offer growth and working capital to empower you to reach your full potential.

02. Buyouts & Acquisitions

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03. Business Partnerships

Take advantage of our crucial business connections and years of experience.

Brandon Foster Enterprises has a track record of success

Venture capital to launch you into the stratosphere

Brandon Foster Enterprises is committed to growing businesses, supporting local jobs, and improving communities throughout the southern and mid-west United States. By offering growth capital to strategic companies poised for success, or working capital to proven companies, and then working with these companies to expand or turnaround the business we have skyrocketed small companies into multi-million dollar enterprises resulting in better jobs, stronger companies, and healthier communities across the country.

Brandon Foster Enterprises and the consulting team is prepared to help with all financial issues like controlling costs and increasing efficiency to guide your company to a lucrative exit for all. Brandon Foster Enterprises can assist you with the development of strategies for making improvements on many fronts such as these. If your venture is on the fast track for growth, our skilled consultants can provide insight that can enable you to take advantage of new opportunities while avoiding common mistakes that could hinder your success.

Angel Investor Brandon Foster


We invest in Tulsa’s most ambitious founders. The out-of-the-box-thinkers who want to be the next leaders in their industries. The industry-shapers creating companies that challenge the status quo and alter the way we live today for a more beautiful tomorrow. If you believe you fit in this category we’d love to get in touch to see if Brandon Foster Enterprises could be the right partner for you.

Brandon Foster and his team will help you to assess and evaluate your business strategy, processes, operations management, supply chain logistics, exposure to risk, and more. You will also have access to all of our crucial business connections and partners to help skyrocket you to the next level of success.


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