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01. Understand Your Goals

We’ll meet with you and your advisors to understand your goals and available solutions

02. Review Your Options

We’ll review both strategic partnerships from a partial buyout or a total acquisition.


Enjoy the benefits of a lucrative sale of your business to move-on stress-free with your life.

Brandon Foster buys profitable companies

Are you ready to sell your company? Brandon Foster Enterprises may be interested

Brandon Foster Mergers and acquisitionsIf you are looking to sell your oil & gas, freight and logistics, or construction company in the south or the midwest United States then Brandon Foster Enterprises may be the solution you need. You may have found yourself with a company that is growing rapidly and needs capital or expertise to keep up with the growth, or maybe the market is changing and you are not interested in investing to keep up with the change. If this is the case for you then Brandon Foster Enterprises may be a right fit to become a strategic partner in your company.

Or, maybe you would just like to take some chips off the table and want to do something else with your life and you’re interested in selling your business outright. Sometimes company owners are ready to retire and there are no family successors, or their successor will need significant capital or expertise to continue to compete in the marketplace. Brandon Foster Enterprises may also be the solution for you. If you would like to discuss the sale of your business contact us today to speak with the mergers and acquisitions team about a mutually beneficial arrangement!

Brandon Foster Navigates Companies To Growth and Success


You will need ample support to meet and increase the demand for your products or services. You could potentially damage your business’s reputation if you dissapoint¬†your customers with a failure to effeciently¬†deliver your company’s new offerings. You could also end up overloading your core staff and ruining their on-the-job happiness. While trying to juggle all of this you also have to keep in mind that you should avoid hiring more employees until you are certain that workloads will be sustained. By selling a portion of your company to Brandon Foster Enterprises we can help you navigate the complete processes of changing workloads and growth demands. We are also interested in total acquisitions of profitable freight and logistics, oil and gas, and construction companies.


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