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Brandon Foster
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You’ll receive a lot more than just generic boardroom advice when you partner with Brandon Foster Enterprises as we deeply understand your industry. Our experience and proven track record in our sector and strategic access to industry connections will launch you into whole new arenas or unparalleled growth.

Brandon Foster knows the oil and gas, freight and logistics, construction, and auto industries inside and out and gives you the one on one expertise and focus needed to win in the marketplace.

If you’re a trucking and logistics, oil and gas, freight and logistics, or construction company looking for strategic partners, give us a call to discuss if we’re right for your company

Brandon Foster Enterprises

Growing Small Businesses Into Multi-Million Dollar Enterprises

The future isn’t built by people dreaming about tomorrow. It’s built by people taking action today. It’s molded by people daring enough to challenge the status quo and visionary enough to see where things are heading. Building a brighter tomorrow is the culmination of the work of many, not of one man alone, and often it is finding the right partner that shifts history. Brandon Foster is that partner and is ready to start building a legendary tomorrow with you today.

Brandon Foster is an experienced expert that can masterfully navigate challenges, bring together effective teams, and is a source to many needle-moving connections. Brandon Foster Enterprises is ready to empower company founders and help them establish and grow from their strong foundations into all phases of company expansion. Brandon and his team are ready to transform your normal into a thriving new arena of success via a strategic business partnership. Give us a call to begin the relationship today!

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Strategic Business Partnerships

Brandon Foster Private Equity Solutions

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Brandon Foster Enterprises works hand-in-glove with founders to help turn their vision into reality. Drawing on hard-won experience scaling some of the most successful freight and logistics, oil and gas, and construction companies throughout the mid-west. Brandon Foster Enterprises offers growth and working capital, and has purchased many businesses to transform them into multi-million dollar enterprises. No matter how you stack it, Brandon Foster Enterprises has the ideal solution for your business.


To transform your business, you need a partner—One who brings you new and innovative ideas every day. Brandon Foster is a partner with deep industry knowledge, meaningful insights, and a broad range of capabilities and crucial industry connections. Brandon Foster will buy into your business and help guide it to reach the next level of performance. With expertise, years of experience, numerous successful mergers and acquisitions, and brand new business ventures Brandon Foster is the ideal partner for you!

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Empowering extraordinary founders to build legendary companies.

Any organization can make do with incremental change—at least, for a while. But building for the future means making bold moves and tough decisions that will transform your business. Brandon Foster is proud to have shaped many of the Mid-Wests freight and logistics, oil and gas, and construction companies into the successes they are now. Let your business be one of the next! If you think you have a company worth investing into contact us today to see if Brandon Foster Enterprises is the right partner for you.

Brandon Foster Enterprises Tulsa, OK

Empowering founders to build a brighter tomorrow

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